A brand new paint job

Paint is an important component of an aircraft: it helps prevent corrosion, reduce drag, and also helps the airplane look good. Many people attribute appearance with quality or safety (even if the two aren’t related), so having a well-painted aircraft is an important part of assuring nervous passengers that the aircraft is airworthy. Plus, having great paint is a source of pride.

This is the original paint before the plane was painted.

This is the original paint before the plane was painted.

My plane had a relatively poor paint job when I acquired it in 2012. The white paint was original, and the red had been redone once during the plane’s life. With more pressing issues to address, I didn’t bother with paint for the first couple of years, but this last year I had an opportunity to send it to the paint shop for refinishing.

My shop was Three-In-The-Green in Pennsylvania. Bryan Fedder handled the process, and did a phenomenal job painting the plane. The plane had the old paint stripped, the surface washed and eched with acid, Alodined, primed and then painted. Debbie picked the color and scheme, which I was happy to allow. The finished product is beautiful and will last for decades.