Welcome to Open Skies

Welcome to Open Skies! This blog is intended to chronicle my thoughts and adventures in aviation. The blog derives it’s name from my two passions: open source technology and aviation.

Since taking my first flight in May of 2011, aviation has thrilled me and become a true passion. I worked hard and earned my pilot’s certificate only six months after beginning flight training. In early 2012 I purchased a 1967 Piper Cherokee 235, a high performance airplane that was produced to compete with Cessna’s Skylane. Presently, I am pursuing my instrument rating, and I am nearing completion of that rating. I hope to complete it before the end of 2012.

On this blog, I will chronicle my adventures, as well as the daily obligations of maintaining my aircraft and earning advanced ratings. I will also, from time to time, discuss aviation policy and the openness of the skies to general aviation pilots. Enjoy!

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